8 Types of Flooring Recommended For Home

The type of flooring you choose for your home may make a big difference in the appearance plus finishing of your project. Attractive flooring may improve the value of your property, and possibly attract new clients. Not all builders, however, know how to select and install the perfect flooring. There are other considerations, apart from style, like lifestyle choices and performance to consider. The following are some of the most popular flooring types.


From rustic to elegant appearance, hardwood is a type of flooring which has become quite popular. They are both beautiful and adorable. You may explore the variety of colors, types, and finishes of hardwood available. You sure are going to find the one you are looking for.


You may have the feel and look of exotic wood, or high-end stone at fraction of the cost with this flooring type. Those DYEers are going to find laminate flooring quite easy to install. And for active households and high-traffic areas, the durability of a laminate floor is hard to beat.

Marble Tiles

These are among the most versatile and durable tiles in use. They may be used for walls, hallways columns and floors. The tiles are cleaned and maintained easily. They’re quite easy to engrave with artistic textures plus designs which suit your artistic taste.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheet flooring comes in different looks; from wood or natural stone looks to patented designs. And what’s more, all these come at affordable cost. An excellent combination of function and beauty, vinyl sheet is quite durable. It’s also easy to clean type of floor which you may install anywhere in your home. It’s specifically valued for its great resistance to stains, scuffs and spills.

Vinyl Tile

This is a great flooring type for DIY projects. Some are so easy to install that you may transform your room over the weekend. Vinyl tile, like vinyl sheet is low-maintenance, durable and affordable.

Luxury Vinyl

This type of flooring is available in different styles, including:

Alterna™ engineered stone: a groutable tile which looks like ceramic or natural stone

Luxe Plank™ : a realistic, wood-like vinyl plank

Vivero™ luxury flooring – Stone and true-to-life looks. It has a superior scratch-resistant surface(www.gulvxtra.no)


This is a durable plus environmentally-friendly type of flooring. It is adored by many for its vivid, deep colors. You are going to discover that it enhances several appearances with its traditional marbled patterns plus unique, graphic designs.(https://www.gulvxtra.no/Laminat)

Bamboo Flooring

Among the latest additions of types of flooring, bamboo floors might be a greener solution compared to the traditional flooring materials. The flooring is durable and elegant and it comes in different colors, normally ranging from light tan to honey brown. Bamboo flooring shouldn’t be left wet.(https://www.gulvxtra.no/Parkett)